Silent Hill Chronology & Timeline of Media


Whenever there’s the words ‘Silent’ and ‘Hill’ put together, one can assume there’s some real spooky shit afoot. Born in a time when games were all about cheap thrills and quick bucks came Silent Hill. With it came a new direction in gaming that effectively defined the PlayStation 2: atmosphere, mystery, delayed and sometimes never satiated gratification. Kicking off an enormous multi-media franchise as well as boasting possibly the most faithful big screen transition in gaming history, it’s high time to view the Silent Hill universe from where it started…


DUN DUN DUN…Toluca Lake Prison, one of the sources of the evil aura surrounding the town of Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Past Life
(2010, IDW 4-issue comic, Tom Waltz/Menton J. Matthews III)


Silent Hill: Origins
(2007, PlayStation Portable/PlayStation 2)

Silent Hill: Белый охотник (White Hunter)
(2007, 6-page comic book included in the booklet for Silent Hill: Origins OST, Masahiro Ito)


The original Silent Hill, which to this day is visually striking and completely recognisable.

Silent Hill: Cage of Cradle
(2006, Japanese cell-phone only manga prequel to Silent Hill, Hiroyuki Owaku/Masahiro Ito)
Translation availiable from Alchemilla Hospital

Silent Hill
(1999, PlayStation)

Play Novel: Silent Hill
(2001, Japan only gamebook-style visual novel, Game Boy Advance)

Silent Hill: The Novel
(2006, Novelisation of Silent Hill, Sadamu Yamashita)
Translation available from Lady Ducky


Silent Hill 2: Born From a Wish
(2001, A short prequel scenario featuring Maria included in special edition re-releases of Silent Hill 2, PlayStation 2/Xbox)

Not a well known expansion to the excellent Silent Hill 2, but Born from a Wish is well worth hunting down.

Silent Hill 2
(2001, PlayStation 2/Xbox/Microsoft Windows)

Silent Hill 2: The Novel
(2006, Novelisation of Silent Hill 2, Sadamu Yamashita)
Translation available from Lady Ducky

Silent Hill
(2015, Japan only slot-game based on Silent Hill 2, Pachislot)

Silent Hill: The Arcade
(2007, Arcade)


Book of Lost Memories
(2003, A retrospective of the Silent Hill series 1999-2003, Book)
Translation available from

Silent Hill 3
(2003, PlayStation 2/Microsoft Windows)


Silent Hill Purists often sneer at Silent Hill 4: The Room. I, however, highly recommend it. It is the Resident Evil: Outbreak of Silent Hill: intense, relentless and gratifyingly over-ambitious.

Silent Hill 4: The Room
(2004, PlayStation 2/Xbox/Microsoft Windows)


Silent Hill: Dying Inside
(2004, IDW 6-issue comic, Scott Ciencin/Ben Templesmith)

– Silent Hill: Dead/Alive
(2006, IDW 6-issue comic, Scott Ciencin/Nick Stakal)

Silent Hill: Among the Damned
(2004, IDW one-shot comic, Scott Ciencin/Shaun Thomas)


Silent Hill: Paint it Black
(2005, IDW one-shot comic, Scott Ciencin/Shaun Thomas)

Silent Hill: The Grinning Man
(2005, IDW one-shot comic, Scott Ciencin/Nick Stakal)

Silent Hill: Hunger
(2006, comic exclusive to The Silent Hill Experience UMD, Playstation Portable)

Pyramid Head in the 2006 movie. Gotta say, it was great seeing that cheeky kinky mannequin fucker in knife-dragging, skin-ripping action.


Silent Hill
(2006, surprisingly effective film adaption of the Silent Hill series, Christophe Gans, DVD/Blu-Ray)


Silent Hill: The Escape
(2007, FOMA/iOS)

Silent Hill: Orphan/Mobile
(2007, Mobile Phones)

Silent Hill: Double Under Dusk
(2007, Japanese cell-phone only manga, Masahiro Ito)

Silent Hill Homecoming
(2008, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Microsoft Windows)


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
(2009, runs in an alternate timeline to the rest of the series, Wii/PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable)


Silent Hill: Orphan/Mobile 2
(2008, Mobile Phones)

Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward
(2008, IDW 4-issue comic, Tom Waltz/Stephen Stamb)

Silent Hill: Orphan/Mobile 3. Gotta say, I know sweet fuck all about this game. I’ll never play it and unless apks suddenly become easy to emulate, neither will you.


Silent Hill: Orphan/Mobile 3
(2010, Mobile Phones)


Silent Hill: Downpour
(2012, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360)

– Silent Hill: Anne’s Story
(2014, IDW 4-issue comic recapping the events of Silent Hill: Downpour from Anne Cunningham’s perspective, Tom Waltz/Tristan Jones)


Silent Hill: Book of Memories
(2012, PlayStation Vita)


Silent Hill: Revelation
(2012, The only revelation in this movie is that the Silent Hill series from here on out is dead, who cares who directed it, DVD/Blu-Ray)

Silent Hill: Revelation
(2013, Japan only novelisation of the worst movie ever, Kiyome Abe)


(2014, The Earth-shatteringly fantastic, innovative and terrifying interactive trailer for what would have been the best game ever made – a Hideo Kojima/Guillermo Del Toro/Norman Reedus collaboration – Silent Hills. Konami cancelled it as a powerplay with Kojima, finally revealing to the world how little they give a shit about fans like me, PlayStation 4)

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. Fuck you, Konami, for denying the Silent Hill series the future it always deserved.

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