Wolfenstein Chronology & Timeline of Media


Other than setting the absolute benchmark for being a political fuckface and giving privileged teenage revolutionaries an easy insult to throw at anyone who tells them how to behave, what the Nazis also gave the modern world was an entertainment vehicle and an undying thirst for the whole-sale slaughter of the members of the National Socialist Party. 

Wolfenstein was created by Silas Warner in the blackness of the 80’s and was a perfect example of a stealth adventure as it’s All-American maybe Polish Jew character sneaks the fuck out of those spiky-helmetted bigots. It was arguably the first World War II setting the gaming industry had ever seen, and when ID Software founder Tom Hall took over the intellectual property in 1992 with the release of Spear of Destiny and Wolfenstein 3-D, the tropes for almost every subsequent Nazi game were set in stone and continuously revised and improved by the series.

Predecessor Series, 1939-1940

“What the Heil is up with my face”

Castle Wolfenstein
(1981, Apple II/DOS/Atari 400/800/Commodore 64)

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
(1984, Apple II/DOS/Atari 8-bit/Commodore 64)

Classic Series, 1940-1943

Spear of Destiny
(1992, MS-DOS)

-Wolfenstein 3-D
(1993, simultanious remake and prequel to DOS Version, Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Mac/Jaguar/3DO/Apple IIGS/Game Boy Advance)

  • Original Encounter/2nd Encounter
  • 2nd Encounter
  • 3rd Encounter
    (1994, Mac)
Hitler. In a jam.

Wolfenstein 3D
(1992, MS-DOS)

  • The Nocturnal Missions (Episodes 4-6)
  • Escape From Castle Wolfenstein
  • Operation Eisenfaust
  • Die, Führer, Die!

Wolfenstein 3D Classic
(2009, port of the original Wolfenstein 3D, iPhone/Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Wolfenstein 1-D
(2011, fan-made “demake” of Wolfenstein 3D, Adobe Flash)

Spear of Destiny Mission Pack 2: Return to Danger
(1994, MS-DOS)

– Spear of Destiny Mission Pack 3: Ultimate Challenge
(1994, MS-DOS)

Rise of the Triad

Rise of the Triad began it’s life as Wolfenstein 3D: Rise of the Triad, sharing a largely identical development team as Wolfenstein 3D.

Rise of the Triad: Dark War
(1995, MS-DOS/Microsoft Windows/iOS)

Rise of the Triad
(2013, remake of Rise of the Triad: Dark War, Microsoft Windows)

New Series, 1943-1946

Nazis: Kick ’em in the balls, stab ’em in the gut. Sehr gut.

Return to Castle Wolfenstien: Operation Resurrection/Tides of War
(2003, PlayStation 2/Xbox)

  • Prologue: The Cursed Sands
    (Console exclusive bonus mission showing events occurring before B.J. Blazkowicz’s capture and escape in the opening of the original PC version of  Return to Castle Wolfenstein)

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
(2001/2002, Microsoft Windows/Linux/Macintosh)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
(2003, MMO originally intended to be an expansion pack to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Linux/AROS/Mac/Microsoft Windows/Morph OS)wolfenstein_rpg-873185 Wolfenstein RPG, now unavailable on the iOS market, was heavily censored to remove the Nazi element, much like German Editions of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Thus, Nu-Metal Fuhrer was born.

Wolfenstein RPG
(2008, Java ME/BREW/iOS)

(2009, Microsoft WIndows/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360)

Wolfenstien: Motion Comic
(2009, This places Return to Castle Wolfenstein before Wolfenstein 3-D but I’m not having that purely because it was released in conjunction with Wolfenstein 2009, which was not a very good game, YouTube)

The New Order, 1946-1960

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
(2015, DLC Prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order as well as a very loose remake of Return to Castle Wolfenstein although it is set 3 years later than the latter in an alternate 1946, Microsoft Windows/PlayStation 4/Xbox One)

Wolfenstein: The New Order
(2014, Microsoft Windows/PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360)

Sometimes it gets to that point on a Saturday night, you’re drunk, the girl you like left with some meathead, it’s closing time and there’s one woman left shouting at the bar-staff…so you go for it and you promise to never tell your friends.

Commander Keen

Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons
(1990, MS-DOS)

Commander Keen in Keen Dreams
(1991, MS-DOS/Microsoft Windows/Linux/Android/OS X)

Why is Old-school DOS platformer Commander Keen cropping up here? Protagonist Billy Blaze (pictured) is the Grandson of B.J. Blazkowicz according to The Official Hint Manual for Wolfenstein 3-D. Doom‘s DoomGuy is also rumoured to share this bloodline, though there is no official confirmation of this.

Commander Keen in Goodbye Galaxy
(1991, MS-DOS)

Commander Keen in Aliens Ate my Babysitter
(1991, MS-DOS)

Commander Keen
(2001, Game Boy Color)


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