Dark Souls Chronology & Timeline of Media


This guy, Solaire of Astoria, is apparently one of those new-fangled mahmaymays that internet 12 year olds love so much

The raging success of Dark Souls came pretty much out of nowhere in 2011. The gaming world was invigorated by the idea of true old-school gaming sensibilities being matched with a high standard of design and graphics. But how ‘out of nowhere’ really was it? It got the backing of corporate megalith Bandai/Namco for a start and it’s obscure Japanese developer From Software, now with an enormous following, had been developing games and successful franchises for years (uhh, does anyone remember Armored Core and Echo Night? Find their timelines on here soon). 

The Souls Series, just like the ancient kingdoms it portrays, has a history that runs long and deep. Let me take you back into the hazy shadows of the mysterious past. Please try to contain your terror when I tell you…that we are going all the way back….

to 1994

South Park’s Cartman makes a cameo as Verdite’s local graveyard vendor in King’s Field 1994.


King’s Field

King’s Field
(1994, Japanese only release, PlayStation/remade in Sword of Moonlight: King’s Field Making Tool, Microsoft Windows)

King’s Field II
(1995, aka King’s Field in the USA being the first KF game to be released there, PlayStation)

King’s Field III
(1996, aka King’s Field II in the USA, PlayStation)

King’s Field IV
(2001, aka Kings Field: The Ancient City, PlayStation 2)

King’s Field EX
(2004, Japan only release, Mobile Phone)

King’s Field Mobile
(2004, Japan only release, Mobile Phone)

King’s Field Mobile 2
(2005, Japan only release, Mobile Phone)

King’s Field: Additional I
(2006, Japanese only release, PlayStation Portable)

King’s Field: Additional II
(2006, Japanese only release, PlayStation Portable)

This game is so full of madness and head-fuckery that even I can’t make a joke about it.

Shadow Tower

Shadow Tower
(1998, PlayStation)

Shadow Tower Abyss
(2003, Japanese only release, PlayStation 2)

Eternal Ring and Evergrace (i.e. the questionable Souls precursors, more info here on the excellent Bleeding Edge Gaming Blog, also here and here)

Eternal Ring
(2000, PlayStation 2)

Forever Kingdom
(2001, aka Evergrace II, a prequel to Evergrace, PlayStation)

(2000, PlayStation 2)


Is that a Crestfallen Warrior I’m seeing in 2000’s Eternal Ring?

Demon’s Souls
(2006, PlayStation 3)

Dark Souls
(2011, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Microsoft Windows)

Dark Souls II
(2014,  PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Microsoft Windows/PlayStation 4/Xbox One)

Dark Souls III
(2016, PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Microsoft Windows)


(2015, PlayStation 4)

Hard to believe they let your mother play a part in Bloodborne. And here I was thinking she was too ugly for public consumption.




2 thoughts on “Dark Souls Chronology & Timeline of Media

  1. Thanks for the pingback Chronologytrigger! I actually played each and every one of these in preparation for my article. Getting some of the Japanese mobile ones emulated was sure tricky and so not worth it! Any of you readers that started with Demon’s or Dark 1, just read this and know those games existed, don’t play them ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, congrats on emulating those ones, that must have been a real task. And thank YOU for Bleeding Edge, I enjoyed that article and the others I read fully and you were intrinsic to forming this not so complex chronological list so credit where it’s due. Keep up the good work!

      And nooo King’s Field 3 deserves a shot!


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